Giving the world an extraordinary Gin!

Our aim is to handcraft an extraordinary gin from our garden shed.

The Garden Story

"We were inspired to create a gin that combined our love of a G&T, the fresh produce in our garden and the wonderful Australian Native Botanicals "                       

Head Distiller Kerryn Ash

Garden Grown Distillery

Whist sitting on our garden deck enjoying a G&T sundowner we realised the garden before us held the key to giving the world an extraordinary gin.

We started to research the distilling techniques that would bring our garden’s fresh gin to life and when we were introduced to cold distillation and this is when the idea really took off. Cold distillation allows us to keep fresh flavors from the botanicals in the distillation process. 

Our gin is hand crafted in our garden shed keeping the journey from garden to bottle as short as possible. We grow as many of the botanicals as we can in our vegetable garden and we hang pick the oranges from the citrus grove. 

The recipe for Bayside Dry Gin was created from multiple blending sessions with friends and family on the garden deck until we anonymously agreed on the citrus forward and spicy finish combination.

Our garden has been designed with sustainability and environmental impact in mind and we bring these guiding principles in to our distillery as we create and extraordinary gin.


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