Giving the world an extraordinary gin

Distilled in our garden shed we blend the flavours of the garden to create a unique but distinctly Melbourne gin.

With every gin we look to capture the beauty found in our garden.

Cold Distillation brings our gardens to life and allows us to experiment with local ingredients to produce extraordinary gins.

Cold Distillation

We use a modern distilling technique that is new to Australia called Cold Distillation. 

It's exciting to bring to life the fresh crisp flavours of Australian Botanicals in this unique way.

Each botanical has a voice and with our separate distillations we allow that voice to shine.

Bayside Dry Gin

Bold Citrus leads the way to a long spicy finish. The delicious aroma of Citrus and Juniper when you first encounter Bayside Dry Gin really highlights the freshness that is achieved with Cold Distillation. 

Not to mention a delightful homage to all Bayside Gardens where many a citrus tree is grown.

The Spicy finish adds another layer to this gin that reminds us about the intricate spices of Modern Melbourne Cuisine.

Distilled in Bayside Melbourne this is our Signature Gin.


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