Bayside Dry Gin

An Extraordinary gin crafted from nature.

It's a celebration of life near the bay, our garden grown botanicals and the amazing flavours of nature.

When drinking Bayside Dry Gin you can't but help feel like you are a part of nature.


To learn the wonders of garden flavours in your gins.


Garden Grown Botanicals

Currently we grow Orange Grapefruit, Rhubarb,Strawberries, Desert Lime, Lemon, Limes, Rosemary, Sage and Lemon Thyme for our gins

Gin Gardens

Being surrounded by an amazing garden inspires the flavours in our gins. Bayside Dry Gin is our first gin and we were inspired by the gardens we have grown up with and the ones we have today. Every garden I have lived in has had a gin botanical garden with citrus trees, strawberry plants, Rhubarb plants, herb gardens that never end and native trees that show that it's a garden that really just keeps on giving. So everywhere we look there are beautiful pairings of natural flavours that are just as perfect in the garden as they are in gins. How could we not create gins from the wonders of our garden.


Exploring Nature

The beautiful thing about a gin garden is it creates a haven for you to explore and to be immersed in all the beauty of nature. Gardens and Nature are meant to be enjoyed and allows us to relax and unwind. Gin makes for the perfect social pairing that can be enjoyed with friends and family in nature which in turn brings us closer to nature and all the benefit of the great outdoors.

Distiller Kerryn Ash

My desire to create a gin that captured the gardens in my life lead me to learning all about Cold Distilling and the wonderful art of Gin Distilling. It's a process that allows me to use my analytical, logical brain coupled with my deep rooted love of nature. I love creating gins and pairing flavours together that showcase my Australian Garden.


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