Nature and Science Combine

Cold Distillation swirls the botanicals around the flask so they can get an even heat distribution.

A vacuum is used to lower the boiling point of the botanicals which allows the flavours to stay fresh as if they had just been handpicked from the garden.

We distill each botanical separately as we find that each botanical has its own sweet spot, but none of the botanicals are heated up above a typical summer's day in Melbourne.

Finally the botanicals are blended together to produce our Bayside Dry Gin.

To capture the freshness from botanicals picked from the garden we use an innovative distilling technique. 
This distilling method gently warms the botanicals to extract their flavours without changing the flavour profile. The flavours and aromas from the botanicals used are still evident in the gins we produce. 
Our gins allow us to showcase the powerful connection between nature, it's natural flavours and cold distilling. You will find that when you drink our gins, it's impossible not to feel like you are apart of nature.


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