Winter Beauty

Whilst walking through the garden this afternoon, I was struck by the beauty of the Melbourne winter garden. People often look at winter as a cold and miserable time to be spent indoors away from the cold! Well as much as I love a Gin by the fire I am drawn to the outdoors and all that nature has to offer in this magical, slightly underrated season!

Today whilst outside the little winter flowers are going crazy and soaking up the rain and beautiful sun that is out and about. Our rose bush is still flowering, I know we were suppose to prune it already and we have the others but our wedding rose bush, the last one still standing keeps throwing out these beautifully scented flowers for all to enjoy. The citrus trees are in full swing and we can't peel and distill enough of them! 

And that isn't all, the sunsets at the beach are truly spectacular at the moment, it makes a brisk walk along the beach with the dog all the more worthwhile and if you are lucky enough to spot the dolphins playing in the shallow waters recently or the whale that popped in for a visit it becomes the highlight of your day. 

At the moment, life is pretty tough for us all in varying degrees but being in lock down isn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be! I mean wearing your pjs to work has its appeal but having your laundry on display during a zoom call can make for an embarrassing discussion! I find the transition from work to home life a little blurry and makes for a slightly flat feeling but to take a little detour from study to kitchen via the garden or a walk in nature if you are lucky can just make all the difference! 

So don't forget to stop and Smell Nature, Feel Nature, Taste Nature and soak in its beauty and enjoy!


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